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General Operating Grants

Because the Davis Foundation has a very specific geographic focus (Hampden County, Massachusetts), potential applicants are strongly encouraged to carefully review the information on this website prior to submitting a request for funding.

Proposals will only be accepted through our on-line application system which requires an initial Letter of Intent to determine the interest and appropriateness of a full proposal. The staff of the Foundation is available to discuss prospective proposal ideas, assist potential applicants during the application process, and answer questions.

General Grantmaking Submission Schedule:

Applicants are invited to submit proposals anytime throughout the year. However, if you would like your request to be considered for a particular trustee meeting, (March, June, September or December), please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss specific deadlines. Should you need assistance with any information on this website, or would like to discuss a prospective proposal, please feel free to contact us, or you can call us at (413) 734-8336.


  • General Operating Grants are not awarded to individuals
  • Grants are not generally awarded to organizations operating outside of Hampden County
  • Grants are competitive and not all applications can be approved

General Operating Grants - Guidelines 

The Irene E. & George A. Davis Foundation awards Hampden County nonprofit organizations General Operating Grants and uses the following criteria to guide its decision making:

  • Grants will be awarded in support of enhancing operations
  • Grants are considered for organizations that are stable and in a situation where an unrestricted grant can enhance operations not resolve a crisis
  • Organizations can apply for a General Operating Grant on an annual basis
  • Organizations are expected to develop performances objectives outlining how this type of grant support will enable them to strengthen their programs and/or organizational capacity. These performance objectives should be aligned with your strategic plan and have specific assessment criteria focused on impact—what will change in your organization as a result of this type of funding?
  • Priority for General Operating Grants will be given to organizations aligned with the Foundation’s initiatives in support of Early Childhood Programs, Education Grades K-16, and Out-of-School Time Programs and/or organizations that operate OST programs
  • Grants are approved on an annual basis and cover no more than a 12-month timeframe
  • Receipt of a General Operating Grant does not in any way guarantee future funding. Each year grants are reviewed and assessed based on the current situation at an organization and the organization's success at accomplishing its performance objectives

General Operating Grants - How to Apply

  • Please submit a Letter of Inquiry when applying for a General Operating Grant before submitting an application
  • Applications should include a copy of the organization’s strategic plan. If an organization does not have a current strategic plan you can discuss this with Foundation staff in advance of applying for funding
  • Applications should also include: the organization’s annual budget, the audit for the past three years, a current list of your board of directors, and an organizational chart